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Adopt a Tree
Keyport residents and friends are encouraged to adopt a tree in Salt Water Park. Adoptive parents are asked to care for the tree by removing ivy and clearing debris around tree.

At Home in Keyport
A committee formed in 2011 to assess what we could do to support people aging in place in Keyport. We’re adapting the Village Concept that originated in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighbor hood to meet our needs.

Delene’s Team
KIC volunteers who will provide meals and other support for community members facing serious illness. Named in honor of Delene Scrafford, our brave friend who passed in July 2012.

Disaster Preparedness
Keyport is surrounded by water on three sides, with the Kitsap Navy Base on the fourth side. Entrance to the community is by bridge over a lagoon. The community works to be self-sustaining in the event of an emergency by encouraging individual preparedness, stockpiling first aid supplies, training volunteers to open a Red Cross shelter at Keyport Bible Church, and storing emergency meals.

Green Stormwater Improvements and Pump Station Upgrade

The KIC History Committee has compiled a CD of historical photos of Keyport, conducted interviews of Keyport pioneers, and collected earlier written histories of our town. Check out the link provided by the Poulsbo Historical Society for a chapter on Keyport history from a local history book.

Rain Gardens
Community and private rain gardens are encouraged as a way of controlling rain water run-off. In addition, Keyport will be one of the communities in 2012 and 2013 to work with Kitsap County’s Surface and Stormwater Management Program to develop a plan to improve management of runoff with green solutions.

West Sound Time Bank
KIC encourages involvement in West Sound Time Bank. Time banking is a pattern of reciprocal service exchange that uses units of time as currency.